Article: Yacht Charter in the Seychelles

Visiting the Seychelles is like seeing heaven on earth! The amazing Seychelles archipelago, located on the equator, north of Madagascar, is a great place for relaxation, yachting, diving and enthusiastic contemplation of incredible nature, the good thing is that the climate of this area is completely conducive to rest (in summer the temperature is 29 degrees and 24 degrees in winter).  Only in the Seychelles can you see giant turtles aged 200-300 years old, with the majesty of kings perched on the shore. And only here the beaches are white and pink coral dust, not sand, as we all used to see.

All 115 islands of the Seychelles archipelago are granite or coral and occupy an area of ​​405 square meters. km The capital of the state – Victoria – is the only city throughout the Seychelles. Friendly locals, slender palm trees with amazing fruits, bending their branches over the azure waters of the ocean and the sub-equatorial sea climate, constantly attract tourists here.

Due to the fact that there are no storms in the Seychelles, and the wind speed rarely exceeds 30 knots, diving in these waters is especially good. And if you plan to go on vacation on a yacht to the Seychelles, then the time of its holding will be scheduled for you by the minute: diving and exploring the underwater world, sailing on a yacht, relaxing on the sand under the rays of the gentle sun and the rustle of palm trees. Every day spent here will bring many new impressions.

Yachting in the Seychelles – can not be compared with anything. Small transitions, an abundance of bays and coves, where you can easily anchor. Only after spending a holiday on a yacht in the Seychelles, one can understand and feel why the Seychelles are so attractive for tourists throughout the year. The peculiarities of the Seychelles include the fact that due to the large number of coral reefs it is forbidden to go into the sea at night.

Numerous reefs hide the treasures of ancient ships from prying eyes, and only true diving enthusiasts will be able not only to try their hand at finding them, but also to enjoy the contemplation of thousands of fish and shellfish species.

While relaxing in the Seychelles, one should not overlook the amazing local cuisine, and these are mainly seafood dishes, with which the Seychelles abound. Taste lobsters in lemon sauce, shark shark, octopus kari, giraffe crab in coconut kari and other-other-other.

To get as much experience and entertainment as possible you should gradually move from island to island on a yacht, trying as much as possible to capture the whole superb surrounding world. Fans of active recreation will find something to their liking: water skiing, diving, riding on catamarans and canoes, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing. Those who have been here at least once say that Seychelles are unrivaled in beauty in the whole world.

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