Article: Yacht Charter in the Maldives

Статья: Аренда яхты на Мальдивах

Maldives (Maldives Republic) is located at the equator in the heart of the Indian Ocean. In their form, the Maldives resemble a thin chain of coral islands. The capital of Maldives – Male is the only city, as well as a port in the archipelago. To describe the capital of one word will be little: just imagine a city located on the water, with modern high-rise buildings.

The beauty of the Maldives does not compare with anything … It can only be seen and felt. It is very convenient and right to make a trip to the Maldives on a yacht – this is a great way to restore spiritual harmony, get rid of stress and just have a great rest. It’s no secret that the yacht is a symbol of exclusive rest. On board, next to you are dear people, the yacht itself is in the hands of an experienced crew, and all you have to do is enjoy the pleasant conversation, measured splashing of the waves and the gentle sun.

The company Sailing Art invites to tours on a yacht in the Maldives. You yourself choose the route of your journey, and only imagination can limit it. For example, you have breakfast in Saint-Tropez, and you have dinner in Corsica. It should be remembered that the nature of the Maldives has a leisurely, relaxed rest. And it does not matter at all: whether it is diving, normal swimming, or walking on a sailing yacht. After all, pleasure, and even more paradise, must be absorbed slowly and calmly. On these gorgeous islands, life flows in a completely different way – time stops counting seconds, turning into ordinary numbers. Only here, in the Maldives, you can visit the coral reefs, dive into the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, go fishing from the yacht, join the local culture and see the most beautiful sunset.

Renting a yacht in the Maldives will turn any event – a family holiday, corporate party into a completely unforgettable event. A wedding trip on board a snow-white yacht, will be the most amazing gift to the young. Equipped with the latest technology, high-speed and comfortable sea yachts, are a great alternative to independent rest on the seashore. On board there are always devices for royal recreation: water skis and motorcycles, a boat and fishing tackle, diving equipment or snorkeling.

From a bird’s eye view, the Maldives seem quite small, and when approaching and looking more closely, both the shallow water lagoons and the contours of the islands themselves are outlined, and the surface surrounding the archipelago of the water surface seems completely transparent.

The Maldives will be able to meet the demands of even the most demanding yachtsman who wants to anchor in their crystal waters to explore this incredible natural region. Rest on a yacht (Maldives) is a great opportunity to visit the islands, many of which are still uninhabited. So, to fully experience the delight of the discoverer. In the Maldives, everything is subordinated to the spirit of nature: dive, sunbathe, enjoy the gentle sun and get an incomparable pleasure.