Article: Yacht Charter in Norway

Kingdom of Norway … Land of auroras and ice, fjords and picturesque impenetrable forests. The land of the Vikings and Valkyries. The beauty of Norway is praised by many writers, artists, and oddly enough, travelers. Despite the geographical location, the climate of Norway is due to the GolfStim, moderate and the weather can be warm and pleasant, without much heat, but it is quite possible to swim. Norway is most picturesque in the summer – from May to mid-June, flowers and trees awaken from winter sleep, mountains are freed from snow, crystal waterfalls are filled with water. To be able to see the transformation magic with your own eyes, you should go on a cruise in Norway on a yacht.

Sailing in Norway is not just a trip, it is the most real escape from civilization into the primeval world of northern Europe. There are very few such picturesque places on the map and Norway is rightfully one of them. Only here you will be able to meet whales inhabiting the waters of the North Sea and watch their spellbinding mating games.

The coastline of Norway is 1300 miles and represents a paradise for boaters – small cozy cities, picturesque islands on the south coast and fjords on the west. The fishing villages seemed to have disappeared from the artist’s paintings: neat houses, neat beaches and beautiful unusual vegetation. The waters of Norway contain all the conditions for a yachting adventure: an exciting sailing trip, slender high mountains, azure bays, for lovers of fishing – a rich catch.

The yachting season in Norway is rather short: from the beginning of May to mid-August, and for a holiday on a yacht in Norway to be successful and memorable, you should book a yacht in advance at the desired time. True nature lovers will be able to get immense pleasure while contemplating the snow-capped mountain tops, it is important to be advancing on the coast of fjords, dense forests, quiet lakes and playful waterfalls. The most famous waterfalls in Norway in Storfjord are the Seven Sisters, the Bridegroom and the Veil.

Visually, the coast of Norway can be divided into three main areas: northern, southern and western.

The southern region is distinguished by a constantly changing landscape: dense forests, high plateaus, stunning views, an incredible number of lakes and rivers, imposing villages along the coast, and many harbors, allowing to solve the problem of parking with ease. Only here, in southern Norway, you can watch around the clock light day. And only at midnight the sun falls just below the horizon.

The west coast of Norway offers fantastic waterfalls to yachtsmen. It is worth noting that the longest in the world are here. The city of Bergen, located on the west coast is an old trading city that is worth a visit during your trip. And with pleasure to admire the local attractions: a huge aquarium with an incredible number of fish, fur seals, penguins; ancient fortress Bergenhaus and doc Bryggen with more than 700 years of history.

Northern Norway is a special, one might say, mysterious, region of the sun that does not set in the summer and thousands of Lofoten islands. The shores of the Lofoten archipelago are decorated with picturesque straits, beaches and colorful houses. In addition, here you can find playful dolphins and imposing whales. It is worth visiting here during the period of white nights (from the beginning of June to the middle of July).