Article: Upholstered furniture factory ‘Milana’

Upholstered furniture from the factory “Milan” – it’s warm and cozy, convenience and comfort, style and the highest quality. The factory’s products are designed for a wide variety of interiors: a strict classic sofa will decorate any office, elegant and stylish furniture for the house will add a highlight to your bedroom or living room.

The Milan factory has been manufacturing upholstered furniture since 2007. During this seemingly short period, its products, which fully meet the highest manufacturing standards, allowed the factory to occupy one of the leading positions in the market of furniture manufacturers for home and office, not only in the Rostov region, but also far beyond its borders: always a rich assortment , a variety of models for every taste, comfort and grateful buyers.

The specialists of the factory have developed original, ergonomic and elegant upholstered furniture, which allows not only to decorate your home with your presence, but also to optimize it depending on the characteristics of the room. Own production, warehouses of finished products enable buyers to purchase upholstered furniture “Milan” for democratic, favorable options for you.

Production of flawless upholstered furniture is the main task of the Milan factory. Modern equipment, only high-quality materials, control at each stage of manufacturing and the introduction of new technologies, all this allows the factory’s products to be in demand from customers and constantly expand the range.

A large selection of upholstery fabrics and materials opens up the possibility for the buyer to arrange their homes in a romantic or audacious, reserved or classical Venetian style. When ordering the manufacture of upholstered furniture for your home, you will be able to independently choose one or another upholstery that is in harmony with the style of interior design.

Upholstered furniture “Milan” creates a festive mood, adds a sense of reliability, warmth and comfort to your home. It is so pleasant after a hard day’s work to comfortably sit in an easy chair, having placed your legs on a bench or a pouf and enjoy watching a favorite movie or reading a book.

In addition, acquiring upholstered furniture from the manufacturer, you still get a number of advantages, such as: the complete absence of trade margins, the ability to self-select the upholstery that best suits your interior, and the manufacture of custom-made upholstered furniture.