Article: Turning off the laptop. Repairs

Laptop turns off

If while watching your favorite movie or playing an interesting game, your laptop turns off automatically, which means that he urgently needs expert help. Unauthorized turning off the laptop means that the processor or video card is overheating.

“Why the laptop is turned off,” users often ask when contacting our service center. This article will help to answer this question.

Reasons for turning off the laptop

A laptop, as is known, consists of a set of boards, chips and parts that can fully function at a certain temperature. And its excess will mean failure of the microcircuit, i.e. its combustion, and the result will be a partial or complete failure of the device.

The reasons for shutting down the laptop: poor ventilation, drying of special thermal paste, damage to the cooling circuit or a malfunction of any part (mainly the microcircuit).

The fan of the laptop is designed to cool its most important elements. As you know, on the laptop case there are special openings for air to get inside to circulate and therefore cool the parts. Sometimes they become clogged with dust, which impedes cooling performance. Also, if you are working on a laptop that is kneeling, a blanket, or other soft objects that cover the air vents.

Thermal grease in a laptop is designed to remove heat in the processor-radiator circuit, and accordingly, when it dries, the processor automatically stops cooling and the laptop turns itself off.

If the cooling circuit inside the notebook is damaged, the heat stops being removed, which leads to an increase in temperature, as a result of which the most energy-intensive parts fail.

In addition, if the laptop turns off when running on battery, you should also check the charge of the batteries or replace them with new ones.

If your laptop is constantly turned off, you should also pay attention to the internal circuits. Signs of an element failure, is the heating of the laptop case at its location.

Service center

All of the above reasons answer the question: why the laptop is turned off. A solution to this problem is to contact the specialists of the service center “Eleron”, the qualification of which allows you to repair a laptop of any complexity (including keyboard repair, repair / replace the matrix, or simply preventive cleaning). A preliminary diagnosis will reveal all the nuances of the problem and indicate to the master how to solve it.