Article: STELS Vortex 150

A scooter is undoubtedly the most universal means of transport. Of course, you will not transport a sofa or a wardrobe on it, but the scooter’s existing advantages are enough to give it preference. And he doesn’t care about traffic jams, and even a child will figure out the management, and the most important thing is its cost effectiveness, both in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance.

Choosing a scooter

If you decide to buy a scooter, but understand perfectly well that we have, say, the knowledge that you have, it’s not quite enough for a final choice, don’t despair – we’ll help you. Only here you can find all the information you are interested in, get acquainted with a huge selection of models and choose the model that fully meets your requirements. To help you choose, we provide recommendations for a particular model, reviews with technical specifications of the most popular models.

Scooter history

This is of course hard to believe, but the scooter (or, more precisely, its progenitor) existed 90 years ago. And they were used quite widely: as a recreational vehicle, and for the most part at the postmen. A kind of scooter with a motor. The speed of such transport reached as much as 20 km per hour. And even the steering rack evolved.

A scooter got a new life only in the late 70s, thanks to the concern Yamaha. Japanese engineers conceived to plant on two-wheeled transport housewives and the elderly. And what would you think – they got it. In 1977, the first Passol motor scooter was released, which subsequently gained incredible popularity.

Let the scooter: from Japan to Europe

Thanks to the excellent “American” idea: combine the engine and gearbox in a single alliance with the rear wheel and put them under the seat so that the driver of this miracle can sit on a stool. In addition, to ensure the ease and simplicity of any trip, the scooter (scooter) decided to make 50 cubic meters: small and fast, and at the same time there is no need to issue a driver’s license. And what is most remarkable is that the plastic “miracle” left the intersection with incredible ease.

Of course, rumors about this type of transport reached Europe. And soon, these two-wheeled cars won the hearts of not only housewives, whom they intended, but also among the younger generation. And what happened next, you yourself know.


American, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese scooters flooded motorcycle stalls. Do not stand aside and Russian manufacturers. The company “Velomotors” under the trademark Stels began the production of scooters with Italian engines Benelli on the Japanese equipment in its own workshops.

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