Article: Stels Bikes

The products of the Stels brand appeared on the Russian market of bicycle motorcycles, under the simple motto: “Quality bikes at an affordable price”. In fairness it should be noted that the entire product of the company in all respects corresponds to what has been said.

To date, the company “Velomotors” produced more than a half million Stels bikes throughout the year. There are a lot of rumors among buyers that Stels products are ordinary Chinese equipment. In fact, such rumors have nothing to do with reality. The company “Velomotors”, which manufactures products of the Stels trademark, is the most Russian. The plants are located in Russia, the equipment is purely Japanese, some of the component parts are Italian, from Benelli.

As for the ownership of Stels bicycles to China, the following should be said: Velomotors signed a contract with the Chinese corporation QianJiang Group, which for quite some time has been producing excellent equipment (bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, ATVs). American and Japanese design, passed through the hands of Chinese engineers, acquire clear outlines, strong frames and good engines. Motors from the company QJ Motors can be found around the world.

The Stels bicycle lineup is able to satisfy the needs of absolutely all categories of customers, from off-road lovers and trips to the cottage (Stels Navigator bicycles), city residents (Stels Pilot) and ending with extreme-riding enthusiasts (Stels Scorpio).

A distinctive feature of Stels bicycles is quite reasonable prices, so everyone can afford to buy Chinese stels bicycles.

The features of Stels bikes include:

Stels Pilot – convenient operation and no less convenient storage. Easy to fold and perfectly stored on the balcony.

Stels Navigator – have a good trunk and a convenient basket for small things.

Stels Scorpio – equipped with a frame of special geometry and components of high strength.

In addition, bicycles for small “pilots” appeared on sale – models Stels Pilot-170 12, and for older children it is perfect – Stels Pilot-270.

It is worth noting the most important point when assembling bikes from Stels: dual quality control. The first stage of control passes after the purchase of components from well-known European brands. The second is after complete assembly of the bike and factory adjustment of all components. And only after passing through both stages – the finished product goes to the warehouse, and from it to the final consumer.