Article: Repair Hard Drives

Replacing the drive on a laptop

One of the most common laptop breakdowns is a problem with the drive, and not only during the upgrade. The DVD drive (drive) is a rather unreliable device, but its breakdowns on closer inspection are not as such.

The point is that the development of technology has contributed to the emergence of new high-tech devices, such as DVD-Drive (known to us as DVD RW). And the race began manufacturers to produce the most fast discs. This in turn leads to the fact that many drives do not see the disk of a particular manufacturer. And blaming the laptop itself is not right.

New pigs appear incredibly fast, with different markings, different speeds, and in all their diversity is quite easy to get confused. So, for example, if your drive has a write speed of 1-4, and a newer purchased pig is 8-16, then it’s quite natural that it’s impossible to write information to it.

The manufacturers of the drives do not remain in debt either – there are more and more new types of drives with maximum support for all formats and different speeds. But the old laptop models did not touch it. There are several solutions: support sites lay out various firmware that can support the drive.

Sometimes flashing just doesn’t help. In this case, the most appropriate option would be to contact the service center for the help of qualified specialists in repairing or replacing the disk drive on the laptop.

Currently, there are two types of drives: 9 mm – super slim and 12 mm slim (most common). The connectors are standard and there are no special problems with them; if necessary, there are various adapters that facilitate access to the drive. Adapters look different: they are a train, and a scarf on the back side, and slide boxes that completely hide the drive.

Service center

Masters of the service center “Eleron” are engaged in the repair of laptops of varying degrees of complexity: keyboard repair, replacement / repair of the matrix, repair / replacement of USB-connectors, etc. By the nature of their activities, service specialists regularly encounter not only broken screens, but also non-functioning drives. Therefore, replacing the drive on a laptop for a long time is no longer a big problem.

When contacting the service, your laptop will be provided with free diagnostics, which will determine the problem and indicate the ways to solve it. As a result of replacing the drive, your laptop will be able to function for a long time and reliably for a long time.