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The interior of a modern private house, a cottage, which provides for a luxurious wooden staircase, is in itself an elite one, implying a sign of consistency, sophistication and unlimited possibilities.

Premium wooden staircases (elites) of a class are distinguished by a chic appearance, guaranteeing originality and individuality; more expensive wood and paints and varnishes are used to create them.

The popularization of such type of products as elite wooden stairs in Donetsk to order is due not only to the stylish interior, but also to the comfort that they provide in every home.

Elite wooden staircase

The elite wooden staircase is a work of decorative art in which the designer and master cabinetmakers invest their experience gained over the years. From the moment of development, professional specialists accompany the entire process of the birth of an elite masterpiece, calculating each element in all its subtleties, selecting and perfecting the smallest details. Our qualified master designers, make all measurements and calculations in accordance with your wishes and requirements, so that later the finished staircase can rightfully become a source of pride and bright detail in the interior of your cozy home. Manufacturing stairs Donetsk furniture alliance MTL produced by the latest technologies using 3d-modeling. All components of wooden stairs: railings, steps for stairs, balusters, pillars, design elements fully meet all customer requirements.

Wooden staircase with decoration

Distinctive features of the elite wooden stairs made by the Donetsk Furniture Alliance MTL are:

– individual unique project

– artwork design

– full compliance with the overall stylistic orientation of the interior of the house

– production from high-quality natural materials

– quality-related cost of the finished product

– guaranteed high professional level of creators

Decorating wooden stairs

The elite staircase is, first of all, an assessment of your taste, possibilities and a significant bar in your image. Donetsk furniture alliance MTL will take great pleasure in accepting your proposal to create such a masterpiece, because its production is your wishes and our skill. From the moment of the emergence of the idea of ​​a future project – the installation of a high-quality and beautiful wooden staircase until the last blow of the hammer, the furniture alliance MTL is next to you and brings all individual wishes and suggestions to life.