Article: Point Blank Game

The world of MMOFPS shooters was diluted by the appearance of a new online game – Point Blank, on the Russian servers from Innova. The principle of the game is a bit like Counter Strike – the main theme is the confrontation between terrorists and special forces.

The developers of Point Blank decided not to “move away” strongly from the main line of such games, so the game has 4 familiar modes: command battle, undermining, survival and destruction. Each card is designed to support 16 players (8 per team).

Before starting a mission, players can set limits on the choice of weapons: only knives, only machine guns, etc. The number of weapons, as always, is very large: knives and pistols, sniper and assault rifles, grenades, machine guns and machine guns. It is possible to purchase new types of weapons for game currency.

Due to the pumping there is an opportunity to receive titles. For successfully completed missions, players receive medals that are necessary for the discovery of new titles. Point Blank represents the title of a kind of talent branch with various branches and bonuses.

The missions speak for themselves: kill the enemy with special weapons, blow up a grenade, kill several enemies in 1 life, etc.

By itself, Point Blank is quite simple, but, nevertheless, interesting and addictive, and, despite some similarity with Counter Strike, the player can always find something special for himself that allows him to devote a considerable amount of time to this game.

We can say that Counter Strike and Quake 3 are intricately intertwined in Point Blank: here there is light dynamics, and a kind of lightness of gameplay, and, of course, terrorists and counter-terrorists.