Article: Left 4 Dead Game

Zombie apocalypse from Valve developers – Left 4 Dead or, How can you survive in the world of death

The cold November day was overwhelmed with “mad” news: the Left 4 Dead project started! The developers decided to dilute the boring life of gamers, offering them a revolutionary discovery in the genre of action multiplayer games. A top-notch survival horror film, with a team mode of one to eight people in a virtual-realistic world infected with a virus that controls countless hordes of bloodthirsty zombies who are constantly hungry for flesh and blood.

The gaming world represents six huge campaigns, with a population of zombies in each level controlled by AI (plainly called the Director). The main objectives of which are tracking the actions of players occurring at the moment of opposition, and instantly generating new conditions for survival. For better perception, I would like to briefly mention the main passage episodes, the main of which is No Mercy (translated as “No Mercy”).

This is where the campaign will start. Although it would be more correct to say that it will start from the roof and will include five levels, several streets, and will take you through the subway and sewers into the heart of the once developed city of Fairfield, which is currently flooded with disfigured zombies. This action will end with a voice from the loudspeaker flying past the helicopter.

This introductory mission is designed to prompt the team that the road through the sewers and narrow streets flooded hordes of zombies, and only you have to “cut through” a tunnel in them.

The pinwheel will take the team to the mission Crash Course, which included two levels and the main goal – to escape in a minibus, after reaching it. The surviving team will be presented with a fatal flight in a rescue helicopter, where at the helm, an infected pilot mutates into zombies, resulting in a helicopter crash. Miraculously, the heroes remain unharmed and re-make their way to the armored vehicle, covering the road with a bunch of corpses.

“Death in the air” and “Bloody harvest” included nine locations, the objectives of which will be to search for the runway and the military camp, for evacuation.

The “Last Frontier”, like the last mission of the “Lighthouse Map” is available only in survival mode, with the sole purpose of taking another minute from the clutches of death.

Excellent gameplay Survival horror provides an opportunity not only to kill zombies, but also a lot of free time in the company of friends. Do not forget that for the passage of the last mission lasting up to 10 minutes, should be awarded four types of medals.