Article: Installation of stretch ceilings

Installing stretch ceilings with the company “Alfa Stroy Group” – the right choice! After all, the entire installation process can be carried out only with sufficient knowledge, with modern equipment for installing stretch ceilings, as well as a little imagination and design savvy.

Stretch ceiling is a PVC film, which is attached with a special profile to the ceiling unit. Modern stretch ceilings have an incredibly diverse colors and textures that allow designers to create the most real masterpieces.

The technology of installation of stretch ceilings is a rather complicated process, requiring special attention, accuracy and full compliance with all stages of installation.

Before installing the stretch ceiling, the room is measured using a laser tape measure, which is currently the most accurate device for measuring (its error is only 0.3-1%). If a wedge (as it is also called staple) fastening system is used when installing stretch ceilings, then such jeweler accuracy is not needed, because the canvas is cut out immediately at the installation site. Further, all the measurements taken are entered into a special computer program that creates a drawing, according to which PVC sheet is subsequently cut.

Baguette, to which the PVC film is attached, is an aluminum profile made by hot extrusion technology, equipped with a compensation system that provides air access (ventilation) in the space between the ceiling of the room and the stretch ceiling canvas.

Currently, companies to install stretch ceilings use various methods of mounting PVC film. Our company uses the highest quality and reliable method – the so-called “harpoon”.

The harpoon is a flexible plate much tighter than the PVC film itself, from which the ceiling itself is made. Harpoon is welded to the film on a special factory equipment around the perimeter of the canvas, and later this plate is connected with a baguette. Such a system requires the most accurate measurements, which slightly increases the time of execution, but all this is offset by the reliability of the finished result.

If you are interested in suspended ceilings, the installation and installation of which will be carried out in full compliance with all necessary requirements and standards – the doors of Alfa Stroy Group are open for cooperation. Also, if necessary, the specialists of the company install the chandelier on the suspended ceiling. On the site you can independently calculate the estimate – install stretch ceilings with your own hands or call a cost estimator for free.