Article: History of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoking

The history of tobacco in Russia dates back to the 17th century from Peter I of Romanov, who approved tobacco smoking in Russia and in every way contributed to its spread. At that time it was a great way to replenish the treasury. So historically, it was from 1705 that its widespread legalized distribution began.

But gradually smokers begin to understand the harm to health caused by smoking. Scientists all over the world have been working for a long time to reduce the harmfulness of tobacco smoke and nicotine. And in 2003, a miracle happened! There was quite an interesting device, which has become a real breakthrough in the world of smokers.

A device that looks like a cigarette consists of an atomizer (steam generator), which is controlled by a microchip equipped with a coil, heated by a specially developed liquid (nicotine or nicotine-free) consisting of propylene glycol, dietary glycerin, and flavoring in steam, close to tobacco smoke.

Replaceable cartridges with liquid differ in the content of synthetic nicotine (strength) and composition. The composition of the liquid for “smoking” includes: propylene glycol (sometimes edible glycerin), in some types of cigarettes they are mixed in different proportions, and flavoring. Currently, there are many types of flavors for electronic cigarettes: lemon, coffee, cherry, vanilla, mint, apple and others.

The cigarette does not require switching on and off – this happens automatically when the atomizer detects the appearance of a thrust (puff of a smoker) and it is then that the battery gradually discharges. The fact that the battery requires recharging, you will learn from the reduction or complete absence of “smoke”.

The process of smoking an electronic cigarette itself occurs in the usual (familiar to all smokers) way: by drawing in the smoke produced by the cigarette.