Article: Gifts – Charms

It is difficult to find a thing that, like charms, serves as an ornament and at the same time combines a number of utilitarian functions. The trinket has an ancient history, but the peak of popularity of this accessory falls on the XVIII-XIX centuries. At that time, each mod considered it a rule to have about a dozen exquisite and expensive key chains of various shapes. Nowadays, key chains often serve as a beautiful addition to a keychain – they are easier to carry, easier to choose and more difficult to lose. However, designers do not miss the opportunity to show all their creative potential, turning the key chain into an unusual and interesting gift. And with the help of laser engraving any, even the most standard key chain will easily become a personal and pleasant souvenir.

Keychains can be made of various materials. Strict metal, bright and light plastic, original from modern polymers – these accessories are available in a wide range and will serve as a good gift in a variety of situations. Modest and neutral in color metal key rings it is appropriate to present to the boss, business partner, conservative in matters of appearance of a man. Sometimes they are sold as part of a set of stationery. On the other hand, the keychain may have an unusual shape: a soccer ball, a plane, a toy car, a house, a football player, a heart. It is only necessary to reflect on the tastes, hobbies, hobbies of a friend or relative, in order to choose the most suitable option.

Pay attention to charms that have additional features. Key chains-roulettes are quite popular. Up to 1 meter long, these practical decorations can save valuable minutes when you need to quickly measure the length of an object. At the entrance is not enough bright lighting to open the front door? Try a keychain flashlight with an economical LED. Or maybe a friend will like a microfibre vinyl keychain for wiping glasses or a monitor? What about a keychain with a built-in clock? Or in the form of bottle openers? Such original products will often be used, and therefore often think of who made the gift.

In our store you can always choose a beautiful and practical key chain that will delight your colleague, friend or relative.