Article: Firewood for the Bathhouse

In order to get the maximum pleasure and benefit from the bath procedure, it is not enough just to prepare a broom, a bathing cap and slippers. After all, in fact, “steaming in the bathhouse” is not so simple as it may seem at first glance. Let’s try to understand the work of the very heart of the bath – the furnace, and as a result – all the steam rooms as a whole.

It would seem that there is a difficult, firewood, they are firewood. But each type of tree has its own characteristics, which do not take into account, means to spend time in the steam room for free. After all, the same bath spirit and heat depend on the quality of the wood.

The best fuel for a sauna stove is, of course, oak firewood. But even here there are subtleties: the oak should be middle-aged, because a young tree will fill the bath with the pleasant smell of charcoal and wood, but it will never give a real bathing gift. On the contrary, the old tree has a lot of rotten wood, which, burning, simply becomes ashes, and the desired heat also does not. In addition, the air after burning old oak is quite heavy, and can negatively affect the health of the person in the steam room.

A great alternative to oak wood is birch. They are able to heat the bath well, quickly and easily ignite, burn with a uniform flame, and the resulting embers keep the heat needed for the steam room for a long time. The aroma given by birch firewood when burned is incredibly beneficial, due to the fact that air disinfection takes place, and the effect of birch aroma on the soaring system of the soaring is undeniable. Of great importance is the process of harvesting birch wood. Begin collecting and harvesting birch firewood should be already in the month of July. Prepared logs are well dried under a canopy, in a place protected from moisture. Closer to September, the wood is stored in a dry place with good access to fresh air. Birch firewood is stored for no more than 2 years, after which the freshness, aroma and benefits of such firewood disappear and is not recommended for use for medicinal purposes.

Alder firewood, like birch, is very useful for the steam room. It is not in vain that it is considered that alder helps with colds well. The great advantage of alder wood is the ability to preserve its flavor for a longer time than birch.

Separate elements in the category of wood for the bath is lime. Lime bath has long been considered healing, and was used in special cases. For example, men who were injured in battles were heated with a lime bath, after which they were sealed with lime tea with delicious lime honey, and the patient was on the mend very quickly. Modern science fully confirms these assertions, noting that the lime bathing heat is incredibly useful for skin, breathing and healing of various wounds. Linden firewood is kindled for a very long time, unlike birch, but the burning linden will keep the heat for a long time. Linden stores its healing properties in the same way as birch – only up to 2 years.