Article: Electronic Cigarettes

The principle of operation of an electronic cigarette is the production of cold vapor by this device, containing aromatic additives, depending on which flavor you use.

Cartridge – a container for a liquid that consists of flavors, dietary glycerin, and, depending on the strength – contains nicotine.

Before you start using an electronic cigarette, you must assemble the device strictly following the enclosed instructions. A distinctive feature of the electronic cigarette is the fact that there is no need to pre-overclock the battery by charging and discharging it.

The main circumstance that should be remembered when smoking an e-cigarette is moderation. A smoker smokes a regular cigarette for 14-16 puffs, after which the remainder is ejected. E-cigarette smoking should occur in the same way in order to avoid nicotine overdose.

When buying a new cartridge should pay attention to the label, which indicates the nicotine content to properly use the device. Remember: in one pack of 20 pieces. ordinary cigarettes, which is analogous to a single cartridge. For example, Kent-4 cigarettes contain 0.4 mg of nicotine in each cigarette, it turns out 0.4 mg x 20 pcs. = 8 mg of nicotine in one pack. This means that a cartridge containing 9 mg of nicotine replaces one pack of cigarettes.

You can refill the empty cartridge yourself, for which you need to drop a few drops onto the cartridge from the bottle of liquid, let it soak, and the device is ready to work again.

There are several ways to smoke an electronic cigarette: a regular one, which is called Vaping (Vaping), occurs by attaching a cartridge with a liquid to the main device, and the formation of traction (puffing the smoker).

And dripping is when using drip-type when smoking (a special mouthpiece with a through hole, such as a pipe), without any filler, liquid is directly dripping through its holes directly onto the atomizer. In addition, it is possible to smoke by dipping and without drip-type, using an empty cartridge for this. The convenience of the drip-type is that you can drip the filler without removing the drip-type from the atomizer.