Article: Counter Strike Game

On the globe probably there is not a single person who does not know the game Counter-Strike. Many gamers began their gaming journey with it, many “learned” the keyboard using Counter-Strike. This is probably why the game has been popular since its release. And although “evil” analysts claim that CS 1.6 is losing popularity today, due to the advent of new games and more powerful computers, the opposite proves a huge number of tournaments in this great game, with a slight change – Counter-Strike: Source is gaining more popularity .


Counter-Strike is a popular multiplayer game that supports network and singles, with additional bots. The main plot of the game is the constant confrontation of two teams – the Counter-Terrorist team (CT) and the Terrorist team (T). The goal of the game is to perform tasks of a specific card or complete destruction of the enemy. Completed tasks and player-filled frags make it possible to purchase ammunition, weapons and explosive devices.

The type of game will depend on the cohesion and chosen team strategy. The confrontation of the parties is not divided into “bad” and “good”, but, to put it in terms of game jargon, “emki” (M-16 assault rifle) and “Kalashi” (Kalashnikov assault rifle, AKM), and a successful outcome of the battle can be a head shot clear headshot). And from the long-awaited victory can be separated in a matter of seconds bomb mine.

Unique in its kind and unique Counter-Strike, included two main modes: Hostage Rescue, where the main goal is to bring hostages to the counter-terrorist team and oppose the second side in the allotted time. The second unique mode presented by Counter-Strike, and a “bun” for terrorists is the Bomb / Defuse, using bombs on clearly defined checkpoints. The task is simple: one side mines and holds, the second making a breakthrough should defuse the bomb in the allotted time.

Two other levels are less popular, such as VIP Assassination and Escape. The first implies, to prevent the counterterrorist (VIP player) from escaping, and to reach the rescue zone, having only reinforced body armor, a light gun and a knife in the ammunition. The task of Escape was to reach a certain zone with minimal losses. But she didn’t get much support from the players and was once excluded.

All of the above scenarios, involves the victory of only one of the parties.

It is worth noting the fact that the popularity of Counter-Strike allowed users to create their own maps for passing. These are: aim, awp, bh, de, cs, deathrun, dm, es, fy, gg, he, hns, ka, ka_soccer, bkz, cg, kz, pa, sj, surf, wh or spam, zm, ze, hns. The name for the cards gives only the developer himself, however, it may not correspond to those adopted in the CS itself.

So easy control in the game, which turns the keyboard and mouse into a machine gun and trigger, allows experienced players and avid gamers to acquire ammunition at the beginning of the battle in a matter of seconds, to leave symbols on the walls in one click, to destroy several opponents in one click.

Counter-Strike – this is a great first-person shooter, won the hearts of gamers from all points of the planet is not great graphics or intricate storyline, and the speed of events that develop in the blink of an eye.