Article: Business Development

For successful business development it is necessary to take into account many points, but the most important thing is undoubtedly the establishment of correct relations with customers. You must agree: a satisfied customer is ready to cooperate with you, is ready to pay for a product or service, and, most importantly, bring new customers. This is exactly what every manager is trying to achieve when establishing relationships. Despite the well-known phrase that “business is business,” it is impossible to forget or ignore relationships for the sake of a deal.

In the process of building relationships and their further support, money, surprisingly, plays a rather insignificant role.

The more benefits your business brings to your client, the more trust your company will receive, which will affect its success. It is Trust that is the key to everything. All further work and communication links are based on trust. Only trust can open any doors to new opportunities. Thanks to recommendations (which are built on trust) from a particular customer, new customers will come to you and there will be new contracts.

According to statistical observations, oddly enough, one can single out a formula for the structure of trust and even determine the ways to influence it.

The formula itself is very simple: Trust = (authenticity + reliability + proximity) / (self-directed).

In order not to speak for a long time, we offer one of the recipes for the right relationship with the client, which is formed on trust.

It should be timely to provide the client with reliable information, because honesty is the best policy. You should never deceive, in fact, any deception – even an untrained eye is immediately distinguishable, and, of course, it should be remembered that all secrets must become obvious.

Always keep your promises so that the client can always rely on you, on your word. It is important to accustom the client to the fact that the fulfillment of promises is not a one-time action, and the level of trust will grow rapidly.

Everyone treats close relationships with clients in their own way, but in the form of strict corporate communication, purely human closeness has the right to exist, regardless of the specifics of your business, the scope of services, and the client itself.

Self-orientation does not stand in vain in the denominator of the above formula: the more you give, the more trust you and your business will grow. It should be noted that the word “give up” does not mean giving away the product of production for free or making incredible discounts. You can always find something not directly related to sales. And it is this “something” that will be a plus for increasing confidence. You do not need to focus on the win-lose approach, and put the client in an uncomfortable situation, because this does not in any way contribute to trust, and with a significant “speculation” with this situation, it can even lead to a break in partnership.