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Christopher (Chris) Rea (Chris Rea), full name Christopher Anton Rea (born Christopher Anton Rea), singer, musician, actor, was born in 1951 on March 4th. With Irish and Italian roots, Christopher Rea grew up in the northeast of England.

In 1974, Chris Rea became the lead singer of the group “Magdalene”, instead of the singer David Coverdale who went to the group “Deep Purple”. Chris calls Joe Walsh as his teacher, in the style of which Magdalene acts. In 1976, Ri leaves the group due to the decision to start a solo career, and enters into a contract with the company Magnet Records.

The result of the creative union of Chris and producer Gaza Dajona becomes the first solo album of Chris Rea, with the song “Fool If You Think It Over”, which is included in the British Thor-30, receives recognition in the United States.

At the age of 27, Chris releases the first album, “Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?”, The single from which “Fool (if you think it’s over)” becomes popular and takes 12th place in the Billboard Hot 100. In 1979, Chris Rea and his musical group releases the album “Deities”, in which the skill of playing the guitar of Chris is well revealed. In 1983, the album “Watersign”, with the composition “I Can Hear Your Heartbeat”.

Real fame comes to the singer in the early 90s with the album “The Road to Hell”, the composition of which “Road to hell” (“Road to Hell”) immediately takes a leading position in all the world charts, released after Him in 1991, the disc “Auberge”, even more lifts Chris Rea on the ladder of success.

During the 90s of the last century, the music of Chris Rhe adorns all collections of lyrical compositions along with such performers as Dassin Joe, Sting, etc.

In 2000, the European tour begins, during which Chris Rea visits Moscow and gives one solo concert in the Kremlin Palace. In 2009, the musician arrives with a concert in Kiev (Ukraine).


1978 — Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?

1985 — Shamrock Diaries

1986 — On the Beach

1987 — Dancing with Strangers

1988 — New Light Through Old Windows

1990 — The Road to Hell

1991 — Auberge

1993 — God’s Great Banana Skin

1994 — Espresso Logic

1994 — The Best of Chris Rea

1996 — La Passione

1998 — The Blue Cafe

1999 — The Road to Hell: Part 2

2001 — The Very Best of Chris Rea

2002 — Dancing Down the Stony Road

2005 — Heartbeats