Article: ATVs STELS model

To date, no one is surprised by an ordinary (ATV) quad bike. You can meet them not only in the cabin, but also on the usual rural road. However, until recently, Chinese ATVs (quad bikes) UTV remained an exotic wonder in our area.

What is a quad UTV?

Actually, this is the same all-terrain vehicle. Its main difference is that the two ATV seats are located side by side and what is important – the back is present. Also worth noting is the closed steering wheel, which allows you to compare it with a small truck. It is these differences that allow UTV to distinguish them from their close relatives – the classic ATVs.

The more familiar name of this type of vehicle is UTV (Utility Vehicle), and many people call it SxS (side-by-side, which literally can be translated as “side by side”).

The main purpose of ATVs is UTV-active country life: fishing or hunting, in the village or just for a walk. The seats for two people are arranged very comfortably (this is exactly what the SxS is), the steering wheel with its control system, the electronic dashboard gives you incomparable comfort and pleasure from being in such an unusual, but incredibly convenient form of transport. In addition, models are equipped with seat belts, windshield, tow bar and some – a winch.

Stels (all-terrain vehicles) will be an excellent alternative to an ordinary vehicle, especially for those who see an ordinary car too heavy and bulky, and an ordinary all-terrain vehicle, on the contrary, is too small and too sporty. If you prefer outdoor activities, love to travel and conquer new horizons, then you should buy a quad bike. The reviews about this technique are the most positive: maneuverable, stable ATVs, have an excellent level of security. It is worth noting that quad bikes arrive at motor shows only after carrying out a number of tests, all 100% in real conditions.

It should be noted the important advantages of UTV ATVs:

– Stylish design;

– Easy handling and excellent maneuverability;

– High cross on the road;

– Different power models in the technical range;

– Huge selection of necessary parts;

– Opportunities for tuning – an incredible amount;

– Reasonable prices;

– The possibility of significant savings in operation.

Quadrocycles brand Stels – a great solution for fans of low-cost and maneuverable technology, and lovers of high-speed and powerful movement. In addition, in order to spend a great vacation with the whole family, we offer models of children’s ATVs with enhanced security and protection modes for your child.

Referring to the model range of ATV UTV stels, you will definitely find for yourself exactly the technique that will win your heart.